Physician Assistant is the best medical job in the United States.

Here are some important statistics from the Duke PA program website very important for you to know. These are borne out by stats from any to the top 25 schools.

Duke had 739 applications from CASPA for the class beginning in 2010

They interviewed 197 or about 39% of applicants

75 people or 10% of all applicants and 38% of Interviewees were accepted.

ONLY 10% of everyone wanting to go to PA school get accepted!

Demand for PA’s is high and will stay high with growth Projected from 5-45%. Acceptance from patients, third party payers and the government is excellent. There are great opportunities to work in all 50 states plus Guam and Puerto Rico.

Physician Assistant is an occupation for people with an interest in medicine.

It is a newer occupation that originated in the mid-1960’s.

Currently there are 149 ARC approved programs that train 12000 Physician Assistants each year.

There is a PA program for everyone!

Are you a high school student with an interest in medicine?

Would you like to take the SAT, go to college, and in 5 years be a PA with a Masters Degree?

You can do that at a number of different schools.

Are you a Nurse, Lab Tech, ParaMedic, EMT or someone else in the medical field that has a degree ?

Are you looking for better pay, more autonomy and a short path to that goal?

PA training at many of the universities that sponsor programs will take 24-30 months,

at a reasonable cost and give you an occupation that has an average salary range around $75-80K per year.

Do you know what kind of lifestyle you want?

Do you know what PA program you would like to attend?

Are you well educated but have limited direct patient care experience?

This site is intended to provide a mix of free and low cost information with an opportunity

to receive one to one mentoring at a reasonable cost.

The idea is to help you select programs right for you, apply, interview, graduate, pass the PANCE

and then build a fun, fulfilling and lucrative PA career.

Did you know that the mean salary for all PA’s who responded (20,000 of approximately 70,000 practicing PA’s)  to the AAPA 2009 Annual Census was $93,000. PA’s in Emergency Medicine and Surgical Sub-specialties made the most and Primary care the least. How would a salary like that impact your life?  65% of all PA’s are women! These are numbers for employed PA’s and not self-employed PA’s. The mean number of hours worked were 44 per week and 10% of all the respondents held more than one job. If you have been considering becoming a PA, what are you going to do now. May I suggest something? Sign up for my weekly email below.

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