Products for the PRE-PA

Physician Assistant School – What you need to know to get Accepted

Learn these and other important points:
  • Did I make the right decision?
  • What is the right school for me?
  • How do I get the right experience?
  • Why you need to organize yourself from the start.
  • How to prepare for, dress for and do well in an interview.
Click on the link above to order this report and make you application and interview process much less mysterious. The cost now is just $29.95 and you will receive an Excel file to help with the application process to the top 25 schools.

9 Steps to Creating a Lucrative and Fulfilling Career as a Physician Assistant

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The PA Path- is it the right choice for You– available soon

Pre-PA Mentor  Program– a program that can be studied at home only or receive one on one help – Available in October 1, 2010

  • Essay editing and Critique service – the CASPA essay is tough- only 5000 characters – our graduate communication majors can help you craft an essay that keeps the readers attention from the hook to the final conclusion (available for purchase with interview preparation)
  • Preparing for the interview – the application gets you an interview and the interview gets you accepted! Audio product with worksheets to help you prepare and  know what to expect in an interview. You receive our report “What You need to know to get into PA school” with this offer. (Interview preparation is bundled in combination with Essay editing)
The second option give you one on one help plus the home study materials above. You get the extas below with option two:
  • Live Interview role play with PA-C’s who mentor pre-PA candidates. (can only be purchased as part of total mentor package)
  • Private Mentoring sessions – get some help  broken into thirty minute sessions by phone. A recommended session outline will be automatically emailed to you when you purchase this option. You will fill it out and email it the day before your session so that you and I will  know what you need that day. You will choose days and times for your sessions. These can not be rescheduled except in extraordinary circumstances that are my discretion. This option can be purchased only if you purchase  the Mentor program which includes the interview preparation, live interview prep and essay critique options above. The 4 are available as a bundle.

Products for the PA Student

9 Steps in the Path to a Lucrative and Fulfilling Career as a Physician Assistant

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– A gift worth $27.95

(available now)

PA Career Path Mentoring and/or Home Study – available soon – includes

Audios, worksheets and checklists on:

  • Finding the Professional Position right for You
  • Creating the lifestyle you want
  • How to negotiate the best employment contract
  • Build a resume that makes you irresistible to the employer of your dreams
  • PA specialties – interviews with PA-C’s who are working in those specialties


a one on one opportunity to help you with life style development, interview skills and choosing a specialty

Skills workshops:

  • Enhance your resume
  • Communication Skills – with Patients, with Employers, with Supervisors
  • Understanding Boundaries

Products for the PA-C -coming soon

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“How to have a lucrative and fulfilling career as a PA-C”

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