Everything YOU need to know to get into PA School


Dear Future PA,
My name is Bruce Bair, PA-C and I’ve been a successful PA for 32 years. Let me tell you an interesting story.
When I worked with future PA Elizabeth Murray I knew she was a bright, intelligent woman. She had a 4.0 GPA from UNC/Chapel Hill. She spoke fluent Spanish and translated for me.
We discussed the process of PA school application frequently.  I was amazed at how much it had changed.  Elizabeth discovered she needed another course to be accepted and took it online – the only way she had time to do it at the last minute.  She got an A, got her application in on time with great references and wrote great essays (but with the collective help of many of her co-workers that were applying to PA and Medical school).

Elizabeth's New White Coat

When she got lots of interviews and acceptance letters, I challenged her to write a tips booklet telling others how to do what she had done. She called it, “60 Tips for the PA Path” and it sold hundreds of copies.
Then Laura Phelan became my assistant.

Laura's White Coat Ceremony

Laura was also fluent in Spanish.  She made a miscalculation that pre-med at UNC would qualify her for PA school. WRONG! She spent another year post-graduation going to class at night for 3 semesters to get the classes she needed to get into top 20 schools.  She did well and was accepted to every school that interviewed her.  She is an interview whiz!  I got her to write a tips booklet called “Interview tips for the PA Path” and she has sold many of these in the couple of months it was available.
Elizabeth, Laura and I have collaborated on a new special report called,

Physician Assistant School –
Everything You Need to Know to Get Accepted

It is a content rich PDF report and it gives you 100 crucial tips that can make a big difference to your success, such as

what you need to know (inside insights) before making the decision to be a Physician Assistant,

what to do NOW to prepare to get into the school of your choice,

GRE success tips

a strong section on PA Program Interview Tips

( a good interview is crucial to acceptance)

THERE’S MORE — With this PDF you also receive

our VIDEO SERIES on using the CASPA portal to apply.

  • Learn what to do first, what e-submit means,
  • What Un-delivery is and how to use this site without making critical errors.
  • Do the first things first with CASPA, get the Transcripts, Arrange for Recommendations,…

AUDIO INTERVIEW SERIES – where I’ve personally interviewed 10 highly successful PA’s in various specialties. They openly share their advice and insights into the daily realities of their work.

Where should you apply? What are the prerequisites for each top 25 school? Well, check out the Excel file you get with the   top 25 schools prerequisites and application requirements. This information sells for $35 alone in other places on the web! It represents 50 hours of combing 25 program sites for that information.

Are you sure you know how PA’s function and what a typical week would be like for a PA in general medical practice (about 35% of all practicing PA’s). We can help you by providing you with a library of interviews with PA’s with experience in various areas of medicine.

Look, I know you’re a student and I want to make this information easily accessible and affordable! I normally charge a $100 per hour consultation fee to share these same tips. A discussion would take  longer because we could not cover over 100 tips an hour. It will take you a couple of hours to read them all and understand how to use them. Plus you will have the information to refer to over and over.

We would be justified in charging you several hundred dollars for all this priceless information but we decided to make it available to you for less than that. In fact you can have this information in your hands in minutes for a modest investment …at least for this month.

Click here to get this report , and access to the AUDIOS, and VIDEOS coming to your email in box today, even if it is 2 AM.

Again, here’s what you’re going to receive–

The PDF Booklet called:

“Physician Assistant School – What you need to know to get accepted”

with over 100 essential tips!

Access to the library of PA interviews so you have an idea of what practicing PA-C’s do day to day (available soon)

The CASPA online portal videos to make creating your application easier

    What do you get in the CASPA Video section?
  • How to create a CASPA account
  • How and why the CASPA GPA may differ from your University GPA
  • How to create a time line and never miss a deadline
  • What is so important about entering your course work on the CASPA app
  • When and How to E-submit your CASPA app
  • What happens if your app is “Un-Delivered” by CASPA and why you must avoid this
  • What happens if you apply to the wrong cycle and how to avoid it
  • Why using your back button on your browser can create a disaster
  • CASPA essay writing strategy
  • How to enter study abroad courses
  • How to enter lab courses
  • Is the GPA on PA program sites the CASPA generated GPA?
  • An Excel file of the prerequisites and application requirements of the US News top 25 schools

      This PDF of the Excel file took 50 hours of work to piece together. It contains the following items.
  • A list of the top 25 Programs as listed by US News Graduate School evaluations
  • A list of undergrad prerequisites for each program
  • GRE requirements and average scores by accepted students
  • Do they require a supplemental app
  • Do they use the CASPA app system – only one top 25 program does not
  • Average class size
  • How much experience is required?
  • How long is the program?
  • Since all the pieces of this program are not in place this moment, we are going to offer you a special deal!

    The package as described is worth $147.00!

    The PDF, the Excel file about admission standards for top 25 programs and the videos about the CASPA application process are ready. It is time to ante up $97.00 for all of this and until Jan 31, 2011, I will give you a 20 minute call with me. You can ask me about strategy, interview tips or anything else about your path to PA School. Remember at best, 1 out of 10 applicants get accepted, let me help you be one of them for only $97.00
    I am so sure you are going to get more value than you pay for that: If after 7 days, you don’t feel you have received the benefits promised here I will refund your money, no questions asked.

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