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Welcome to The PA Path!

This is a discussion about my 20 week, $100 membership program.
My name is Bruce Bair.

I have been a Certified Physician Assistant since 1978. I graduated from the Duke PA Program in the days when a BS in Allied Health Science was a big deal. (That was my Degree from Duke and prior PA’s only got a Certificate). That is me in the picture below.

Bruce Bair PAC

I started the PA Path to help Elizabeth Murray now an Emory grad and now a PAC herself to earn a little cash for PA school. It worked and as we went along I learned a bunch about the needs of Pre-PA students.

Elizabeth's New White Coat

Then my next MA Laura Phelan, in her second year at Wake Forrest, needed a bit of help so I added her info on interviewing.

Laura's White Coat Ceremony

We have sold a ton of tips and given away tons of advice over the last 2 years. Now we want to make this an ongoing affordable project. It is something you can start and stop as needed and will be affordable to even graduating HS seniors.
The experts say don’t do this but I am not an expert on selling on the internet – I am an expert in helping others prepare for PA school.
So here is the cost – $5 per week. (One online course in Genetics, 3 credit hours, costs $561, paid in advance at NC State, Not getting into PA Program on your first try will cost you $75,000 a year in lost income.)

It will be a 20 week program and then you can stay on for $5 a month and access all new material as it is added.
OK, what do you get?
Information about every PA program. Look in the blog at PA Program Category for the format and kind of information that will be provided. This info starts arriving in week 2 and 3. It was a huge project and though you can get some of the info from the PAEA for $35, I found their info not up to date. We have assembled the information from each programs’ website. Then we formatted it so you could compare them – apples to apples and no digging for info. (Now you will need to visit each program site multiple times yourself once you get ready to apply to be sure nothing has changed but each program has a link directly to the site you can use to go directly there as needed.)
OK, big deal you say, 150 programs but what else in there is gonna help me?
Well, says I, how about Videos explaining the more than 100 pages of FAQ about the CASPA application system. CASPA makes it easier to apply to multiple schools – you only do one app for all programs using the CASPA system –but it is a lesson in following instructions carefully and getting organized to get your application in early. I made an example you can find under the category CASPA if you want to see one. There are 8 of these and I update them as things on CASPA change.
What Else? OK, how about over 100 tips in writing and video explanations.
These tips, in week one, take you through making

  • the decision to become a PA,
  • to creating a plan to follow for completing all prerequisites,
  • getting Recommendations,
  • preparing for and taking the GRE,
  • completing the CASPA app,
  • submitting it and
  • Interviewing.
  • How to dress,
  • how to act,
  • what to do to be as memorable in person as you looked on paper.

You get them in written PDF form and can view what we know and hear in video or audio format.
How about some interviews. Audio and video interviews on an ongoing basis with PA’s in the field and PA’s in academia.
It is a big job for me.

20 weeks at $5 a week and then emeritus status at $5 a month is a decent price. If you use it and don’t like it, you are out less than the cost of a Burger and a Drink. If you like it, and you will, then you get the material dripped to you week by week for 20 weeks. After 20 weeks you become able to see any of the new material but not the old material.

Those on the month to month will be able to talk with me once a month on an open internet phone line to ask questions and receive my best answers. Calls will be about 9PM on either a Monday or a Thursday night for one hour. Calls will be recorded and posted on line for you to hear if you miss a call.
OK that’s it for now.

Except for one thing. I almost forgot. After your 20th week in the program, you will be able to become an affiliate. You will get an email invitation your 20th week and if you continue month to month, you can recommend people for the 20 week program. Each one that signs up will net you 50 cents a week or a total of $10 if your people complete the 20 week program. Details will be mailed to you. It means if you recommend 16 people who complete the 20 weeks you would get your costs for the 20 weeks and one year of month to month expenses paid.
OK to recap
•    Info on all 150+ programs in a comparable format –  week 2&3
•    100 tips in writing with video explanations on implementation – week 1
•    CASPA Application Videos – Weeks 4-10 and 10 weeks more of video and audio content on medical terminology, drugs, essay writing advice and interview skills

•    Interviews with PA’s in practice and some students
•    Month to Month Emeritus status for $5/month
•    Live monthly calls to ask questions
•    After 20 weeks and during your emeritus status, you can receive affiliate income through referrals to the program
What are you waiting for, sign up now!