Learn Medical Spanish

Bruce Bair pac

Learn Medical Spanish is fixed a membership program with weekly mp3 files each about 20 minutes in length.

You can listen to the first three of these on this Squidoo Lens called Medical Spanish.

The subjects of the remaining 18 Audio files are:

  1. free on Squidoo Medical Spanish
  2. free
  3. free
  4. Animals and Insects, Bites and Stings
  5. Symptoms like Pain, Nausea, Vomiting
  6. Chest Pain
  7. Injections and Tests
  8. Positioning instructions and Patient Directives
  9. Numbers
  10. Ob/Gyn
  11. n/a
  12. Urinary Problems  — using text Pocket Medical Spanish by Dollinger – see Medical Spanish on Squidoo for purchase opportunity
  13. Quiz – Urinary Problems and Anatomy using PMS by Dollinger
  14. Male Reproductive/Urinary Anatomy and Problems PMS by Dollinger
  15. Basic History and General Medical Questions P1 – Dollinger
  16. Basic History P2
  17. General Questions P3
  18. General Questions P4 – Dollinger for all 4 parts
  19. Skin and Related Questions – Dollinger
  20. Quiz on Pocket Medical Spanish
  21. Injuries – What if you don’t have a translator
  22. Respiratory Infection

There are 2 options:

First join the membership program at $1 a week. Each week receive one new podcast. Have access to the previous podcasts for 4 weeks, so there are always 4 you have access to and can hear. New podcasts will be added so you will have a new podcast and 3 previous ones to hear at any time. Occasionally there will be a bonus or two thrown in by our instructors. One of our instructors is a native speaker from Mexico who is trained in the USA and works here in an Urgent Care/ Family Practice clinic. You will be invited to participate live on some podcasts on a first come first serve basis and will also receive an audio file to review for 4 weeks from those sessions.

The second option contains all of option one but includes a live lesson for one hour once a month with an extra one hour bonus session each February. This option costs $3.50 per week.

You may stop your membership at any time without penalty but if you restart, you restart from the beginning.

You may purchase all our audio files each year in mp3 format on audio CD’s for $75 including Shipping and Handling within the continental USA. This would include 52, 15-25 minute lessons.