What YOU need to know to get into PA school2

You have decided to become a Physician Assistant!    Congratulations on that decision.

To follow that dream you must be accepted to a great Physician Assistant program.

60 Tips for the PA Path

There are just two steps to acceptance at the program of your choice:

  • Fulfill all the prerequisites and submit all the application materials – CASPA and all supplemental materials as early as possible
  • Get invited to an Interview and do well so they invite you to become a member of the next class.

REMEMBER! The Application gets you an interview.


These PDF documents with over 100 Tips for the PA Path were written by two women with track records of doing what you want to do successfully.

Elizabeth Murray, author of 60 Tips,  will finish the Emory Physician Assistant program in 2010.  Elizabeth is the President of the class of 2010.  She was a student representative to the American Academy of Physician Assistants annual meeting in San Diego, CA. She is a 4.0 grad of the University of North Carolina,  Chapel Hill and will graduate with a 4.0 from Emory. She has a solid job offer before graduation.

Laura Phelan, author of Interview Tips,  is a Physician Assistant student at Wake Forest University. She began the program there in June, 2010. Laura can tell you a few things not to do as you prepare and as you apply and interview.  Despite some initial strategic errors in preparation, she got an interview everywhere she applied and was accepted every she interviewed.  She turned down two acceptances and some interviews.

These two young, brilliant women know how it is done.

They proved it.

You know what to do but how-to-do-it effectively requires experienced advice.

Learn over 100 tips to make applying and interviewing:

  • easier
  • faster
  • more efficient
  • more effective

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