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Do YOU want to get into Physician Assistant School?

OK, I thought so. Is it one giant step from where you are now to acceptance in PA School? If you are smart enough to get in then you know it isn’t. It is a series of many small daily tasks. Preparation takes years. It can not be a haphazard process.
That is why I put The PA Path together. You want to get in! I want to make sure you get in. We both have your best interests at heart. I want only the best and brightest and MOST CAPABLE students to become future Physician Assistants. Most students manage to get in on their own. They take credit for the luck they have. If just one thing had not gone their way, they would be one of the 9 out of 10 who did not get accepted each year.

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If you are eligible to get into PA school but don’t the first try, the lost year cost you $75,000 in lost income you would have earned if you had graduated as soon as possible. Don’t risk losing $75K! Get in on your first try.

You begin with a decision – “I want to be a PA”. I assume you have made that decision. Why did you make it? Get a lined sheet of paper and listen to the linked MP3 – just a few minutes long – and create the beginning stages of putting into words “Why I want to be a PA.”

This membership program is about solving your problems of getting into PA school.
What are those problems?

  1. Selecting the right school for you – comb through 157 different programs in weeks 2-3
  2. Identifying and completing the prerequisite course work in a timely fashion Weeks 2&3 all programs data available
  3. Figuring out how you will get health care experience – part of week one 100 tips
  4. Finding a PA to shadow -we show you how to “get in where places are full” and how to get a great reference
  5. Developing a 20 second statement about “Why I want to be a PA” – Part of learning to write a CASPA Essay in weeks 16 and 17
  6. Developing an essay strategy that will allow you to be consistent even if you have to write an essay as part of the interview process weeks 16 and 17
  7. Become proficient at  interviewing,  learning how to have an emotional impact on interviewers – weeks 18-20
  8. Prepping for the GRE – vocabulary course
  9. Developing a Medical vocabulary – weeks 10-15
  10. Find the most affordable program that will accept you – special info weeks 2 and 3
  11. Know if you can take courses online for the school you want to attend weeks 2 &3
  12. Be able to compare programs in a format that is consistent from program to program weeks 2&3
  13. Know if courses from a community college will  satisfy any requirements Weeks 2&3
  14. Have access to personalized counsel on completing this process Weeks 1-20
  15. Learn how to create an effective, complete time-line from where you are to acceptance in a PA program – part of CASPA prep weeks 4-8 and week 1
  16. Learn 5 things you can do to stand out among other applicants
  17. Learn how to be Charismatic – the emotional ingredient at the interview that will convert them from wanting to meet you to have to have you in their program weeks 18-20
  18. How to become an outstanding candidate in a step by step fashion Tips trough out the course

Bruce at Laura's White Coat Ceremony

If you join my 20 week program you will ultimately:

  • Earn more money – because you get in on your first attempt
  • Save Yourself a year or more of time
  • Avert Disaster – there are two, not getting in on your first or second attempt and worse, even though you are great material for the PA Profession, you get discouraged and QUIT trying to get in!
  • Assume no Risk, don’t like what I am offering for any reason, quit after 2 weeks and get your money back
  • Develop a long term vision – learn what has to be done by YOU to get you ready, interviewed and accepted into PA school
  • I am always around – you can contact me using the sites contact page and will hear from me within one business day.
  • I am reliable – I have answered many questions here and on my Squidoo lens The Path to Physician Assistant. I created those at no cost to the user and have given the best advice I can at no charge based on what they have told me.
  • I am one of only 3 people helping Pre-PA students get into PA school. I am the most experienced of the 3 of us, having been a PA for over 33 years. I have been giving advice via the internet longer and have a record of the people working with me getting in (I have helped some folks with med school too)

What will it be for you? Will you go it alone and take the 10% chance of getting in and the 90% chance you won’t? OR… Will you get some great and really affordable advice by joining my 20 week long, $5 per week program that will help you solve all the 18 problems and receive all the benefits listed above.

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