Rachel H was a Medical Assistant where I worked the 6 years previous to this position. She was great at her job and I was one of the PA’s that wrote her a very strong recommendation. Rachel took the “Get Accepted” course I offered here but more importantly she had several coworkers go to PA and Med school the last several years. Between consulting with them as they went through the process, taking my course and consulting with the 3 PA’s she worked with, Rachel developed a plan, worked the plan and got early interviews and really early acceptance. It is April 2012 as I write this and she has known she had at least 2 choices since last September. These 4 videos were shot at dinner one night last October.  Rachel answers 4 important questions and gives specifics on:  How she chose a program. What she did to prepare and get accepted. How she prepared for the interview. What she did to make herself stand out on the application.

These will be helpful to you as you prepare. You can see Rachel, hear her and get her tips. Invaluable information to help you prepare for the application cycle and being interviewed. Click on the “buy now” button below to be taken to the payment page. The delivery site requires you to opt in again, so after you pay you will receive an email with a link to click. Click on it immediately. That will take you to a thank you page and by the time you click back to your email your welcome email with the links to the 4 videos will be in your inbox.