About Us

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Bruce Bair

The PA Path is a work of Love and Commerce.
The over all plan is to help people looking into the PA profession to make the decision yes or no as to pursuing the education and training.

I can’t help those who decide no except to help them decide and move on.

For those who want to pursue this path, I think we can help you answer a number of questions. Among those questions would be these:
– What Major should I choose?
– How do I get the necessary experience?
– I have a low GPA, do I retake classes to bring it up?
– How do I begin?
– Should I major in another health related field to get both a degree and experience?
– Is it too late for me to decide?
– Am I too old or young to begin?
– What do I include on the application?
– How should I answer the CASPA and Supplemental application essay questions?

I know you have limited funds. I also have seen people I helped get into school, take off for a semester
of travel before starting PA school. I will provide lots of free content. The best will be via my email letter.
Some similar but less comprehensive material will be on my blog.

I suggest if you are serious that you sign up on email list below.