PA to DO Bridge Program


After being a PA for 5-10 years, many PA’s wish there was a place to go on further. The natural progression is from PA to MD but there are many barriers in that process. The Doctor of Osteopathy my be the bridge a few PA’s are looking for. One program I saw and will link below, has an accelerated program for PA’s – 3 years.

The school is LECOM. It is located in Florida and Pennsylvania. The Erie, PA location will have the accelerated track for PA’s. It will be a 3 year, year-round experience. I don’t see that as accelerated. The doctor I work with was a PA. He graduated from the Duke PA program a year ahead of me. Like many PA’s of that ERA, he had some bad experiences. Low Pay, bad supervisors, unstable employment.

He went back to regular medical school and was able to finish in 3 years by going year-round at UNC. I think this is still possible. I don’t see how the 3 year track accelerates anything for most PA’s. What they are doing is holding 14 spots just for PA’s. This is taking 14 providers out of the workforce.

I think the barriers need to stand. If you want to be an Dr., go to med school and don’t whine about the cost, time, or difficulties getting in. If you want to be a PA, be one but find satisfaction in what you do. There is plenty there. There is plenty of work to do in advancing our ability to be reimbursed.

What is your opinion? Link to LECOM program.

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