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This is a completely different program from the one in La Crosse
US News Rank #25
Anatomy w/lab – 1 semester or combined Human Anatomy/Physiology of 2 semesters at the 200 level –
Human Physiology must be taken within 5 years of matriculation
Physiology w/lab – 1 semester
Microbiology w/lab – 1 semester
Statistics – 1 semester (basic level)
Psychology – 1 semester (General, Introductory, Developmental or Abnormal)
Other courses: Zoological Mammalian Biology w/lab required

0 hours with lab basic
0 hours with lab Organic
8 hours each of above recommended and Biochemistry – Human Biochemistry or Biomolecular Chemistry
at the intermediate level

Bachelor Degree – Required
GRE – No
Basic Life Support – no

CASPA Application Required – Yes – deadline of September 1st – early application encouraged
Supplemental app required – Yes – after CASPA application is completed and verified an application
will be downloaded into the admissions portal – October 15th deadline
Open House – General Information Sessions (on campus and online) and Student Advisory Session are
available – register online
Interview – Yes
Rolling admissions – No
Admission factors :

  • GPA of 3.0 from an accredited baccalaureate program,
  • a science GPA of 3.0 (attention will be placed on the last 60 credit hours reflecting a level of academic excellence and/or signs of improvement to 3.0 or higher),
  • all prerequisite courses must be completed successfully with a grade of “C” or better,
  • ability to complete rigorous academic work,
  • health care experience,
  • demonstrated commitment to community service,
  • volunteerism and extracurricular activities,
  • references,
  • interviews;
  • consideration is given to students representing or interested in serving a medically underserved population

Program facts:
Length – 24 months (also a 3-year distance education track is available)
Degree Granted – Master of Physician Assistant Studies
Class size – 30
Average # of Apps received, average # interviewed and # accepted  – ?
Average age, sex, GPA of those admitted – ?
Tuition – (Fall 2011) $5,587.56 resident, $12,566.68 non-resident, $7,545.48 Minnesota, $539.48

  • Professional organization membership, e.g. WAPA, SAAAPA $10-$85,
  • lab coat $35-$40 required,
  • BLS and ACLS training $200-$250 required,
  • books, binders, electronic resources $2,000 or less if electronic resources are maximized,
  • printing $250,
  • medical equipment $1,000-$1,200 not required,
  • laptop computer $500 required

Financial Aid – When the student applies for financial aid they will be considered for the following
types of aid: gift aid, loans, and employment.  Because some funds may be depleted part way into the
year, it is always best to apply as early as possible.

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