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Name of program: TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY (Midland)
URL: http://www.ttuhsc.edu/sah/mpa/
US News Rank #94
Prerequisites: All science prerequisites to be completed within the last 7 years – online science courses
will not be accepted
Anatomy w/lab – Human Anatomy and Physiology – 8 hours
Physiology w/lab –
Microbiology w/lab – 4 hours
Statistics – 3 hours
Psychology –
Other courses:

  • English – 6 hours,
  • College Algebra – 3 hours,
  • Biology – 8 hours,
  • Social/Behavioral/Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Human Development and related courses) – 9 hours,
  • Human Nutrition – 3 hours,
  • Electives (Computer Literacy, Medical Terminology and Communication Skills recommended) – 14 hours,
  • Genetics highly recommended

8 hours with lab basic – General Chemistry
0 hours with lab Organic
8 hours each of above recommended and Biochemistry

Bachelor Degree – At least 66 semester hours of prerequisite courses a degree is not required but makes you competitive
GRE – No
Basic Life Support – no

CASPA Application Required – Yes – begins April 2011 – deadline March 2012
Supplemental app required – Yes – deadline September 1st – online – $35 fee
Open House – No
Interview – Yes –
Rolling admissions – Yes
Admission factors

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.2 or above for at least 66 semester hours of prerequisite courses and the science GPA (stronger candidates will have a higher GPA with an emphasis on most recent coursework);
  • all candidates will have a history of community service,
  • extracurricular activities,
  • exposure to health care and knowledge of the PA profession (preferably through shadowing experience);
  • a finished degree,
  • professional studies,
  • health care certification,
  • licensure or work experience in health care,
  • shadowing and community service are not required but highly recommended;
  • applicants are required to own or have access to a laptop computer

Program facts:
Length – 27 months
Degree Granted – Master of Physician Assistant Studies
Class size – 60
Average # of Apps received, average # interviewed and # accepted – (2010) over 900 apps, approx. 130
interviews, 60 seats available
Average age, sex, GPA of those admitted – ?
Tuition – Texas resident graduate $3,558.50 Fall or Spring semester, $1,962 Summer semester; non-
resident graduate $7,713.50 Fall or Spring semester, $3,901 Summer semester
Fees – Many courses within each program have course fees that will be applied to tuition as necessary;
students on regional campuses get appropriate fees waived
Financial Aid – Complete online FAFSA; TTUHSC sends a tracking letter to the student requesting
additional documents and applicant returns the necessary documents to complete the financial aid
file; TTUHSC emails a notice of eligibililty (award letter) to the student

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