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When I was reading responses to a question about PANCE preparation, one person was very strong and positive on Exam Masters. They used the slogan that Exam Masters uses on its site “If you can pass Exam Masters you can pass the Exam”. They prep students for many different tests. In their PA section they had two things to offer I think are really great. First, you can take a 360 question online practice exam for just $20. I don’t know how long you have access to it but based on everything else I would gues-timate 30-60 days. You can also take a 200 question exam, access for 60 days, on Generic/Brand name drugs for just $10. Well worth it! I would take and study that one before I ever went to PA school. I like this and may take the exams here for practice and some CME credit. Here is my 5 minute screen capture video on Exam Masters.


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