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Anatomy w/lab – 3 semester units
Physiology w/lab – 3 semester units
Microbiology w/lab – 3 semester units
Psychology – 3 semester units (Introduction)
Other courses: College Algebra – 3 semester units, Speech – 3 semester units, English reading
and composition – 3 semester units, Introduction to Sociology or Cultural Anthropology – 3
semester units

4 hours with lab basic – 3 semester units
4 hours with lab Organic
8 hours each of above recommended and Biochemistry

Bachelor Degree – No
GRE – No
Basic Life Support – no

CASPA Application Required – No
Supplemental app required – College application available online with accompanying forms
Open House – call program
Interview – Yes – one page written personal statement explaining why the applicant wants to
to become a physician assistant to be completed during the panel interview
Rolling admissions – No
Admission factors

  • Completion of 60 semester or 90 quarter college units with an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher,
  • completion of prerequisite science courses with a grade of “B” or better,
  • all required course work completed in the United States must be from a regionally accredited institution,
  • 2,000 hours of direct patient care experience is also required for admission (paid and volunteer hours are acceptable),
  • meet the technical standards,
  • two letters of recommendation from individuals knowledgeable of and able to evaluate the applicant’s health care experience (additional ranking points for determining granting of an admissions interview may be given to those with a “demonstrated commitment ” to working in underserved communities with criteria for receiving these points of working, residing or providing community services in underserved communities)

Program Facts:
Length – 24 months
Degree Granted – Associate of Science (in conjunction with Saint Francis University of Loretto,
Pennsylvania, a program is available to earn a Master of Medical Science degree and will enable
full-time PA students to complete their MMS studies in one year and to graduate with their
MMS degree upon successful completion of their PA training)
Class size –
Average # of Apps received, average # interviewed and # accepted  –
Average age, sex, GPA of those admitted –
Tuition – $18,630 per academic year – estimated tuition and fees for the program is $55,890
Fees –
Financial Aid – After meeting with admissions advisor, there is a free financial aid consultation
with an experienced financial aid professional to establish qualifications for Federal Pell
Grants, Federal SEOG Grants, State Cal Grants, Scholarships, Federal Work-Study Program,
Veteran Educational Benefits, Direct Student Loans (subsidized and unsubsidized), Direct Parent
Loans, Institutional Payment Plans, Private Lender Alternative Loans

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