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Hi everyone. I wanted to let you know that I have changed the company that delivers mail for the PAPath. I will be dropping Aweber and using GoldBarOne exclusively. It offers me more service and I don’t need to pay for two.

Here is what is new. I am setting up a membership for $5 per week to run 5 months.

During the membership you will be able to view the material we are extracting from the websites of every PA program and putting it into a format you can compare. Look at blog posts in the PAPrograms category – Loma Linda and one other program are there and that is the format all 140+ programs will be in.

You will be able to view the videos I made on the CASPA site and how to submit an application there. It has “speeded up” the process for some of the people who work with me that are applying this year. They made some helpful suggestions for improvements and additions that we are implementing now.

Elizabeth, Laura and some others on the PA Path will be adding video and audio to enrich the process for you. Their insights into school, the application process and getting your first job is invaluable. There are some audio interviews there now. We will be adding some Medical Spanish teaching modules also so you can use a simple pocketable text and learn to pronounce and practice if you aren’t proficient now.

We will be adding some group coaching and some live Spanish lessons if there is enough interest. These will be an extra expense though, how much is yet to be determined.

To get the opportunity to participate in this and to stay in the loop, you will need to be on the list from goldbarone. The form to do so is at the end of this article. If you get a notification of this blog post in your email, you need to change your email list. Please sign up below as you will no longer receive email through Aweber after May 15. You will receive a confirmation email, called a double optin in to make sure that every email GoldBarOne sends on my behalf has been requested. Of course at the bottom of every email is a link to stop all future communication so you can opt out easier than you can opt in. Thanks, I hope I can continue to communicate with you.

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