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Courses – Prerequisite courses should be taken in their respective departments and not in other
professional programs such as nursing as they will not provide sufficient foundational knowledge
to fulfill the needs of the PA programs – 200 level equivalent (sophomore level) course or above
is necessary to meet the requirement.  These courses usually require a freshman (100 level
equivalent) prerequisite course.
Anatomy w/lab – Recommended
Physiology w/lab – Recommended
Microbiology w/lab – Recommended
Statistics – 3 semester hours
Other courses: college Algebra or higher – 3 semester hours, Cell Biology or Genetics – 3 semester
hours, additional Biology courses (9 semester hours required) such as General Biology and
additional courses in Cell Biology or Genetics

7 hours with lab basic – 7 semester hours of additional Chemistry courses (General Chemistry,
Organic, and Biochemistry recommended)
3 hours with lab Organic – 3 semester hours
8 hours each of above recommended and Biochemistry

Bachelor Degree – Baccalaureate
GRE – No
Basic Life Support – Yes

CASPA Application Required – Yes – available April 13th with a deadline of September 1st
Supplemental app required – Yes – essay portion should be used as a means of explaining the
relevancy of clinical experience and how it has prepared the applicant to succeed in the
program – app available online – deadline September 1st – $50 fee

Open House  Information sessions 303-914-6386 pa.program@rrcc.edu
Interview  Yes
Rolling admissions  No
Admission factors

  • All prerequisite courses must be completed by application deadline of September 1st,
  • 2,000 paid hours health care experience,
  • candidate must be free of convictions of felony offense or of any criminal offense, regardless of its designation, which iinvolved a crime of moral turpitude or crimes against children,
  • provide evidence of compliance with the CDC guidelines for health care workers regarding immunizations and freedom from communicable diseases

Program facts:

Length – 24 months
Degree Granted – Certificate in Physician Assistant Studies [through a unique collaboration
with Saint Francis University (Loretto, Pennsylvania), students in the RRCC Program are
offered the opportunity to obtain a master’s degree concurrently with their clinical
training (Master’s of Medical Science) – all of the master’s curriculum is taught by
distance learning, which allows Red Rock students to take Saint Francis course work
without lengthening the training period beyond the 24-month PA program curriculum]
Class size – 30 – 32
Average # of Apps received, average # interviewed and # accepted  –
Average age, sex, GPA of those admitted – (class of 2011) mean total GPA 3.33, 22 females,
10 males, mean age 28, 25 Colorado residents, 7 non-residents
Tuition –

  • $362 per credit hour for Colorado residents,
  • $462.84 per credit hour for non-residents (at present 80 semester credits are required to complete the program)

Fees –

  • Student fees average $1,600 for residents and non-residents,
  • textbooks $200(didactic year),
  • stethoscope, blood pressure measurement device, oto-ophthalmoscope and similar equipment (one-time expenditure) $750-$1,000

Financial Aid – Submit FAFSA application early – if applicant lives in Alaska, Arizona,
Nevada, or Wyoming they should submit a WICHE application by October 15th (read the web site
carefully).  Applicant should make preparations to support themselves (and their family if
applicable) for 2 years and research private scholarships and sources of educational funding.
The RRCC PA Program was designed by the local medical community (is one of only five PA
programs in the United States in a community college setting) which has strong supported the
program since its inception.  Therefore, tuition and fees are significantly lower than the
national reported mean for both resident and non-resident students (58% and 66% of the
national reported mean respectively).  The Red Rock Foundation, an endowment organization
located at the college has been especially generous with physician assistant students,
based upon individual need.

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