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Hello Bruce-

This is very helpful! Thanks for your time and energy.

I have a question regarding majors. I recently graduated with a B.S. in English Literature from a four year university. While completing my major I have also been completing the science prerequisites for PA school. I have around 50 science credits including micro, o-chem, bio-chem, A&P, genetics, cell bio, (all with labs). My overall gpa is around 3.5 with a science gpa around 3.27

In addition I have been working as an EMT for around a year and have around 1100 hours of patient contact and about 20 hours of PA shadowing.

Do you think admissions boards will think its peculiar that I have a “non-science” major? Is there preference given to science majors or humanities? I was turned on to the PA profession during my Sophomore year and didn’t want to switch majors completely and negate the work I had already done. I have tried to go out of my way and take additional science classes above and beyond the minimum pre-reqs required for the programs I will be applying to.

Do you think I stand a chance with my stats or should I consider returning and completing a second major in the hard sciences?

Hi Fred!

These are great questions. First lets look at the issue of majors. Two of the best candidates I know were both Spanish Majors. They finished all their prerequisites plus, and got accepted to more than one top 25 program. You have to have a good GPA and you are definitely in the ballpark with your GPA. If you have good GRE scores, and good references, especially from a PA or two, then your chances of an interview are excellent. You don’t need a second major, you need to show you can handle a heavy load in a University.

The factors that most affect you getting an interview are 1. Grades and how heavy a load you carried to get them. 2. GRE  3. Great references 4. good essays one for CASPA and then usually one for the supplemental app. Then there are the interview factors. You look like a great candidate. Good luck on your PA Path.

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