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US News Rank #6 in 2011

Anatomy – 4 credits
Physiology – 4 credits
Microbiology – 4 credits
Statistics – 3 credits
Psychology – 3 credits & psychology elective – 3 credits
Other courses: English expository writing – 3 credits and one course medical terminology
8 hours with lab basic
4 hours with lab Organic
8 hours each of above recommended and Biochemistry

BLS Certification

The course leading to certification must follow either the American Heart Association or American Red Cross guidelines. Online courses without practical experience are not acceptable. Current BLS certification must be through April 2012.

Bachelor Degree – Required
GRE – Required – 1,000 or above on the verbal and quantitative, 3.5 on the analytical components (within the last 5 years)

CASPA Application Required – Yes – deadline October 1st
Supplemental app required – Yes – $50 fee – online with a deadline of October 1st
Open House – Must register for date – 7 sessions scheduled beginning March 23,2011 – September 14, 2011
Interview – Yes
Rolling admissions – No
Admission factors –

  • GPA of 3.0 where and “A” = 4.0, GRE,
  • academic aptitude,
  • quality of undergrad courses,
  • references, (from advisors, professors, and employees)
  • interview performance,
  • responses to questions contained in the application
  • Congruence between measures of academic performance, letters of reference, and written narrative is important.

Program facts
Length – 30 months
Degree Granted – Master of Science Physician Assistant Program
Class size – 35 (most accepted are from Texas)
Average # of Apps received, average # interviewed and # accepted- from FAQ

Each entering class is comprised of new students. Approximately 700 applications are received each year of which 100 are interviewed on campus before offering positions to 35 individuals.

Average age, sex, GPA of those admitted – (2009 entering class) typical student was female, 26 years of age, from Texas, BS with a GPA of 3.60, average GRE was 1191 verbal and quantitative and 4.51 on the analytical

Tuition – Tuition Graph on Baylor PA Program site

$16,850 (year one)
Fees – $6,837 (fees) – $5,567 (books and supplies)
Financial Aid – Refer to “Funding Education Beyond High School: The Guide to Federal Student Aid” published by the Department of Education

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