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I received this follow up comment via email from Squidoo. Unfortunately, I do not see this on my PA lens on Squidoo. I will answer the question here and hopefully the author will see it.

Thank you. I actually withdrew from that institution. Now I plan to study for the GRE by purchasing the book recommended by Elizabeth Murray. I really was thinking about UNC because that is my dream school, however UNC does not offer a PA program nor do they offer PrePA courses. Could a person try to obtain an MPH online through an institution and still be able to apply for a PA program? I am a CNA for over 5 years, Community Support Worker for over 2 years, and currently volunteering in the ED  of a local hospital. I have more than enough experience. I just have to focus on the prereqs and the GRE. Do you think that it would behoove me to take the MCAT as well or should I complete the prereqs first?

If you have prerequisites done, and a good GRE score, go for it. UNC has an NP program. There are 5 PA programs in NC now and soon to be 9.

They are Duke, Wake, ECU (the only state supported program), Methodist, Wingate. Opening now is Campbell and soon Elon, High Point U and Garner Webb.

Not many colleges have pre-PA programs so those wanting to go to PA school need to create a list of all required/recommended courses  for the programs they intend to apply for admission.  Then you have to get with an advisor and finish the courses. It helps to create a time line for this and other important milestones to be accomplished like experience, references, shadowing a PA etc… Many PA programs offer and MPH option through the program. You graduate with 2 Masters degrees an MPAS and a MPH. George Washington U. comes immediately to mind and there are others. Getting one online probably will not increase your probability of admission. Getting one the traditional way would.

When I was married, had two children under age 2 and got out of the Army to go back to school (actually when I got out my wife was pregnant) it was tough. No health insurance, no savings, no guarantees and no one knew what a PA was then 1974. I had a motto “Find a way or make a way.” I think Sir Ernest Shackleton said it. He did bigger, tougher things than me but I adopted that attitude and just plodded along.   May of 2011 will mark 33 years since I graduated as a PA from Duke. It can be done, many did it and more are doing it. The rewards are great. As I said earlier, “Go for it!”

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