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Will asked me this question via my Squidoo PA lens on Squidoo.com.

Bruce, thank you for all of the help. It is very interesting to see other peoples situations and relate them to mine. It gives me a good idea of where I stand. Speaking of where I stand…

-Senior studying Biology
-GRE scores:
— Verbal : 440
— Quantitative: 630
— Analytical Writing: 4.0
– Overall GPA: 3.83
– Last 60 credits GPA: 3.9
– Health Care Experience: 100+ hours of shadowing PAs of different specialties, volunteering at local corporate health center for hospital where I also receive direct contact with patients and PAs, and have been offered and plan to accept job working full time as a phlebotomist in May
– Recommendations will be from: Hospitalist PA, Cardiothoracic surgery PA, and endocrinology/anatomy professor at school.

Please, let me know my chances. Do I seem like a good applicant?

I look forward to your response, thank you so much.

Here is my answer to Will:

Here is what makes you competitive:

  1. completing all the pre-requisites for the programs to which you apply
  2. a great GPA, 3.0 is the minimum, yours is great, especially if they are from a 4-year university
  3. Good GRE score – the writing isn’t considered much unless your writing sample on essays does not match your writing score. The 1100 total you got is competitive.
  4. You have great experience in patient care medicine.
  5. You have the approval of PA’s in practice – a big plus and bigger if you are applying to their Alma Mater
  6. You now need a great essay to get you notice. Generally there are two – one for CASPA and one for the individual program involved. You need a strategy for writing them, some of them will be on the day of an interview, which you should get.
  7. Finally, you need to practice your interview skills, it the interview that gets you accepted.

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