Answers to Pre-PA Questions #6


Via Squidoo, Andrew Lu wrote me:

Hello Mr. Bair,
I am a post BS/PT/Pre-med Degree, with a 3.15GPA (with several 400 level graduate classes such as Clinical Anatomy with Cadaver, and Clinical Physiology with Cadaver.) Currently, I am applying to CUNY City College for a BS-PA. I am a EMT-B and have been since 16… (8 years), and also am a Medical Surgical Tech for a well known hospital. I also was a PT for 2 years, and worked as a Clinical Practice Manager for 6 years. I have literally thousands if not tens of thousands of patient contact hours, and clinical experiance. I just want to know what are my chances in getting in, as I am truly looking to get my PA-C.


Andrew, thanks for your question. It appears you have enough experience for any program anywhere. Your GPA is a bit thin but if you have some A’s in those higher level courses that should be quite favorable for you. If you have a solid >1100 total GRE (500 verbal and 600 Quantitative) you are a good candidate. Your background should interest any admissions committee. Your essay and your references should set you apart. You need to have a very good understanding of what a PA is and does. Hopefully your experience has gotten this for you and qualified you for references from PAs, even better if they are grads of the programs to which you apply. Chances of acceptance are about 1 in 10.

Once you are invited for an interview you are in a 50/50 chance of acceptance. The interview gets you accepted. Most schools have rolling admission and participate in CASPA. Get your app in early and accurately. You may want to watch the videos available on CASPA in the Everything You need to Know program I offer. Good Luck Andrew.

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