Pre-PA Interview Coaching


Do you have an interview scheduled now? Is this your year and you expect to get one? What do you need?

You need to know what a PA does day to day.
You need to remember what you wrote in your essays ( and many programs now require you to write one on your interview visit.)
What is your own mission with regard to the PA profession? How does it mesh with the program interviewing you?
These are a few issues. I will help you customize your approach. People write or ask me “What are the questions?” and “What are the answers?” They will be unique to you although those I have helped always tell me that what we discussed was a big help. One thing we have prepared are over 100 tips in a document entitled “Everything You Need to Know”. It is part of a larger program you can see by clicking on the Pre-PA links above. Look at the video and use the link below to contact me.

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I charge $35 per 30 minutes.

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