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There are 17 separate sites with PA programs, some like DeSales, Kings College, Gannon and St. Francis and others have both graduate and undergraduate PA Programs.

Here they are in alphabetical order:

Arcadia University in Glenside PA is a 6 semester PA program that costs $62,580. A sister program just opened in Delaware.

Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA is a 7 semester program that costs $11,456 per term. There is a sister program in Puerto Rico.

DeSales University in Center Valley, PA is a dual track program that has a 3 year pre-professional program students enter directly from HS. That phase is followed by a 24 month PA Program. The pre-professional program costs $29,334/2 semesters. The graduate PA program costs $13,500/semester for two semesters , $9100/semester for 4 semesters. There is a $400/semester professional fee. The terminal degree is a Masters.

Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA kept the name of the original PA program it inherited – Hahnemann. It is a 2.5 year program that can be attended on a part-time basis over 4 years. The costs vary by semester with the first semester costing $35,075. The second $27,600. The final full time semester is $6250.

Duquesne University is in Pittsburgh, PA. It is a 5 year program that starts as 2.5 years of undergraduate study. The last 2.5 are the professional phase of the physician assistant program.  Anyone with more than 12 transfer credits are not accepted into this program. The tuition costs for this program $25,336 per 2 semester as an undergrad (5 semesters) and as part of health sciences education $29,531 per 2 semesters (5 semesters)

Gannon University is located in Erie, Pennsylvania. Gannon has two ways to become a PA. You can enter from HS into a 5 year program that yields the graduate a BS/MPS and PAC when they pass the PANCE. The other is a 29 month program for those who have a BS and want receive an MPS. The tuition for the graduate program is $785 per credit for the 90 credits required for the MPS.

Kings College is in Wilkes-Barre. PA. Entry into the PA program is via the 5 year route beginning as an undergraduate or via the 2 year post graduate program. Both have a terminal Masters degree. The Kings College Physician Assistant Program is 98 credits and costs $31,800 per calendar year.

Lock Haven University, Lock Haven, PA has a Physician Assistant Program that is 24 months long. The didactic phase can be taken on one of 4 campuses – The main campus in Lock Haven or satellite campuses via Internet TV located in Harrisburg, Clearfield and Coudersport. The terminal degree is a Masters and was the first masters offered in a Pennsylvania based Physician Assistant Program. The program cost is $21,000 in tuition and fees/year for residents and $30,000 for non-residents.

Marywood University is located in Scranton, PA. The professional phase of the Physician Assistant Program is 27 months long. First year is 12 months long, with classes averaging  4o hours a week. The second year is 15 months long and consists of 6 week rotations, two 3 month preceptorships and a final project/thesis. The tuition is $53,515 for the two professional years with fees and equipment costs of $5800.

Pennsylvania College of Technology Physician Assistant Program is located in Williamsport, PA. The program is 24 months long and requires completion of 61 prerequisite courses and 92 professional credits at a cost of $436 per credit. The degree here is a BS only, no MS!

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Physician Assistant Program is in Philadelphia, PA. The Program is 14 months of didactic and 12 months of clinical rotations. The degree granted is a Masters on program completion. The tuition costs are $24-29,000 per academic year in both the Philadelphia and Georgia campuses.

Philadelphia University Physician Assistant Studies Program is also in Philadelphia, PA. There are 2 options, start on a 5 year program as a college freshman or if you have already graduated a 25 month professional program leading to a Masters degree.  There is an MPH and PA Masters degree dual option also. Tuition for the 25 month program is $33,189 per 3 semester academic year with another $3500 in additonal fees over the professional phase.

Saint Francis University in Loretto, PA, is top 25 PA program in 2010 and information about the program is in my post on the top 25 programs and their website which is linked here.  There are two other programs called University of St. Francis. Don’t get these 3 programs confused. The others are in Indiana and New Mexico.

Salus University Physician Assistant Program is in Elkins Park, PA. The 6 semester program leads to a Masters degree. Tuition for the program is $26,800 year one and $27,700 year two. The additional fees for the two years total about $8300.

Seton Hill University Physician Assistant Program is located in Greensburg, PA (40 miles north of Pittsburgh and 15 miles from where I went to high school) Like many of the Pennsylvania PA Programs Seton Hill has the 5 year option and the 2 year option. The Masters program is 27 to 29 months long depending on the research option.  Tuition is $725/credit. The program is 103 credits.

University of Pittsburgh Physician Assistant Program in Pittsburgh, PA is a 24 month program leading to a Masters Degree. The tuition for PA residents is $20,288/academic year. for non-residents tuition per academic year is $24,412.

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