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What can I expect to pay?  There are 139 programs right now and many in the works. In NC there are now 5 programs, one more opening in 2011 and two approved at 2 more universities.  Here I list the tuition and fees and the cost of living expenses for the top 25 programs.

Some of the pros and cons of attending PA school are the costs. Tuition, the local cost of living and other expenses like travel and lodging at clinical rotations all factor in. I will try to give you an idea about the tuition costs published at the time this is written. If I update it it will appear at the end of the post. The average pay for a US City is $34,868. The average for the city containing the PA program is listed by tuition costs.

The top 25 programs as published by US News (2007 – no update since then) are:

1. Iowa – Tuition $16,752 / year residents and $36,348 for non-residents, average pay for Iowa City is $28,578 which is about $100 more per year than the state as a whole.

2. Duke – a private university in Durham, NC costs $29,538 year one and $28,678 year 2. The average wage in Durham is $34,866 and the price index for the region is 169.7, for the USA it is 173.8

3. Emory is a private school in Atlanta, tuition is $28, 293 for years one and two, a third year semester is $9,482 and other costs over the 2.5 years are estimated at $20,000. Average pay for Atlanta is $37,341, price index for Atlanta is 169.7

4.George Washington Univ. is a private school in Washington D.C. with tuition, fees  costs of $37,145 year one and $28 ,755 for year 2. Total expenses for fees and living expenses and tuition are estimated at $120,843. Price index for the area is 169.7 and average annual pay is $42,601

4. University of Texas, SW Medical Center, Dallas a 31 month program that costs Texas residents $28,450 and non-residents $62,547. there are other costs for both categories of about $4300. The price index for Dallas is 169.7 and the average yearly pay in Dallas is $39,281

4. University of Utah – the cost of the program for residents is $53,085 and non-residents $78,956. The price index is 177.2 and average pay is $28,014

7. University of Washington – tuition costs are $65,668 for 9 quarters in the masters program in Seattle. Other expenses are estimated at $15,000 plus living expenses. Price index for Seattle is 177.2 and average annual pay is $43,921.

8. University of Colorado, Denver – the program is a total of 117 credit hours at $324/hour for residents and $701/hour for non-residents, get the PDF Colorado PA Estimated Costs of Attendance 2010-2011, The price index is 177.2 and yearly average pay in Denver is $38,133.

9. Baylor College of Medicine – a private institution with tuition of $16,850 per year, total educational expenses are $29,290/year. A car is considered essential in Houston to get back and forth to school and to rural clinical rotations. Room and board, transportation and personal expenses are estimated to be $24,708 per year. The price index for Houston is 169.7 and the average annual pay is $38,114.

9. Oregon Health and Sciences University – tuition for 9 quarters is $69,570 for all students. There is another $25K in expenses that include $9K for major medical insurance and $40/month for 26 months for INTERNET access. The price index for Portland is 177.2 and the average annual pay is $34,380

11. Interservice PA Program – this program is free, you get paid to attend but afterward you have a military obligation and could see war zone work experience. The program is great!

11. SUNY — Stony Brook – There are 72 credits in the program and NY Sate residents pay $349/credit and non-residents pay $574. The program is located on Long Island in Stony Brook, NY. The price index is 181.8 and average annual pay is $36,944.

11. University of Texas Medical Branch – Galveston -tuition and fees for residents are estimated at $3,274 /semester for 12 hours and $6,598 /12 semester hours for non-residents. The price index in Galveston is 169.7 and average annual pay is $28,371

14. Quinnipiac University – The program tuition costs for 27 months is $76,570. Fees, books, transportation and living expenses are extra. The price index for Connecticut is 181.8 and average pay for the New Haven area is $47,124

14. Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in Chicago has tuition expenses of $26,528 / year plus fees estimated at $3183/year. The price index is 168.4 and the average annual pay is $39,536.

14. University of Nebraska Medical Center- tuition and fees for Nebraska residents – $38,400 and non-residents $92,700. The price index for Omaha is 168.4 and the average annual pay in Omaha $30,084

17. Northeastern University – Tuition is $8775 per term or $26,325/year and another $3800 per year in fees. The price index for Boston is 181.8 and average annual pay is $40,903.

17. St. Louis University- tuition is $39,530 year one and $24,795 for year 2.  There are other expenses including about $3700 a year  and $800 per month is average rent. The price index for St. Louis is 168.4 and the average salary is $33,345.

17. University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey – tuition for NJ residents is $14,434 for each of 3 years, for non-residents it is $23,153/year. The price index for Piscataway is 181.8 and the annual income is $46,350.

17. University of Texas Health Science Center – San Antonio – Tuition for instate students for 8 semesters is $21,080. Total expenses are estimated to be $37,979 not including living expenses. The price index for San Antonio is 169.7 and the annual pay is $28,068.

21. St. Francis University – Tuition year one $38,000 plus fees, second year 3 semesters $37,000 Get the expense sheet by clicking on the link to the right StFrancisPAExpense The price index for Loretto, PA is 181.8 and the average annual pay is $25,352.

21. University of Florida – Tuition for first year is about $15,000 for instate students, non-residents add $12K/fall and spring semester and $3-4K extra year 2 instate tuition is $15 but it is best to look at the estimates for year one and two inserted below  U of Florida year1 U of Florida year2 The price index for Gainsville is 169.7 and the annual pay is $25,166

23. Shenandoah University – tuition for the 2.5 year program is $62,178. The price index for Winchester, VA is 169.7 and the annual pay there is $28,011  ShenandoahUnivPA costs and admissions

23. University of Oklahoma – instate tuition is paid as a lump at the beginning of the program – $28,082 and non-residents pay $55,172. Of course you have fees and living expenses but here is their PDF about programs costs UofOklahomaPA tuition The price index for Oklahoma City (there is a sister program in Tulsa) is 169.7 and the annual pay is $26,700 of O. city and $29,273 for Tulsa.

23. Wake Forest University – a private school with tuition costs of  $25,790 per year and total school expenses of about $104,000 for the program. The school is located in Winston-Salem, NC. The price index is 169.7 and the average annual pay is $29,676.

Look at posts on Physician Assistant Programs by State. New York and Pennsylvania are finished. Look  the category PA Programs to find more of this type of information.

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