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Who says these are the top 25? Well if you know anything about graduate school rankings, you would know about the influence of US News on the actions taken by most graduate schools of any kind. The last time PA schools were ranked was 2007. I was miffed when I paid $15 to find out the rankings only to discover what I could get for free is all that was there on PA schools this year.

US News says these are the top 10 schools:

Iowa, Duke, Emory, George Washington U., Univ. of Texas SW Medical Center Dallas, University of Utah, University of Washington, Univ. of Colorado – Denver, Baylor, Oregon Health and Sciences University.

These all participate in CASPA, the Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants. You find that site at (caps are my emphasis).

To apply you have to do a caspa application and pay, then a supplemental application and pay. They all want you to write and essay but some do it online and time you, others have you write and submit one and still others have you write it on interview day. They all have slightly different prerequisites – but all of them want you to have a 3.0 or better for your science grades. Each of them receives about 15-20 applications per seat which varies from 25 for Iowa up to a high of about 75-80 per school.

To help PA Program Applicants I have put together an excel file of the top 25 schools recommendations for application.  When can you apply? When can you send in your supplemental? Do you need the GRE? How old can your course work and GRE scores be? Do you need experience? (It varied from recommended, to a required low of 4 weeks to a high of 8000 hours or 4 years full time paid experience.)

You can get my Excel file and a PDF report entitled PA School – What You need to know to get Accepted – when you buy my product here.

The Excel file lists a link to each top 25 programs and tries to make sense of all the various requirements.

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