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Paul K. and Gabe A. are PA students at UC Davis Physician Assistant Program (California). Paul is married, has 3 kids, a masters degree and lots of ambition. He wrote me and told me about their blog prompting this post.

If you want a view of PA school as it happens, this is a good place to read. I love the picture above which is their header.  The site has a glossy feel and looks good. It is easy to read.

Here is a link to a post by Gabe that has a clip from one of his favorite movies. It demonstrates how over whelmed you can feel learning all the material in what amounts to a new language.

Here is a post by Paul about doing his first pelvic exam on a “patient”. Actually someone paid to allow students to learn physical exam skills. When I did this a group of women interested in women’s health had the fore site in the 1970’s to volunteer to teach us how to do a pelvic exam. They gave us feed back as we “went along”. I remember being nervous and embarrassed but needing to know how to do this, so pushing myself to listen and ask questions. Good Work Paul.

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