Physician Assistant Training – High School to PA in one place


As I have been reading the information about the 149 ARC certified sites, I was surprised to find out that in addition to Detroit Mercy, there is a new trend in PA training. It is a 5 year program that begins with recruiting High School students.

I haven’t reviewed all 149 programs but as I find others accepting high school students into a pre-PA major I will list them here.

Those I know about are :

Univ of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, MI

Arcadia University in Eastern PA and Delaware.

Chatham University in Pittsburgh PA

DeSales University Center Valley PA

Duquesne University, Pittsburgh PA

Gannon University, Erie PA

Kings College in PA

Marywood University, Scranton PA

Pennsylvania College of Technology, Williamsport PA (this is the only program I found that offered a Bachelors Degree with PA Major to HS students)

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  1. Dear Bruce –

    I hope many young people will read this and follow up. Healthcare is where it is at.

    They will always find a job.

    I was surprised that Marywood University was included. I went to that college.

    Big changes obviously. When I attended, the main motivation of the nuns was that we passed inspection if we were going on a date.

    Cleavage? A huge white hankerchief was stuffed into our dress. And it better not have been moved an inch when we checked back in.

    (Just an amusing aside for you. I got a great education there. Can you guess? Yes, English and Journalism)

  2. Bruce says:

    You make me smile and laugh aloud with most of what you
    write. It is amazing how small the world is. Healthcare is
    a place you can usually find work. There will be lots of changes
    in the next few years. It will be the only thing they knew so it won’t
    be so bad.
    I bet you never moved your hankerchief! ;>)

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