Book Review: Closing the Chart


Closing the Chart: A Dying Physician Examines Family, Faith, and Medicine

by Steven D. Hsi, M.D.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Murray

This book was a requirement for me to read before attending PA school at Emory University. As I finish the book, I have come to the conclusion that it is a crucial read for anyone who is currently in or going to be in the medical profession. In the book, Dr. Steven Hsi (a Family Physician) writes about life after his diagnoses with a serious illness. Dr. Hsi chronicles this time of his life and shares how his perspective on practicing medicine changes through his experiences as a patient.

This is a truly outstanding book that I recommend to all.  Sample quote from the book: “I believe if only one person in the huge array of health care providers we were surrounded by had taken the time to ask, “How is this affecting you?”, the floodgates would have opened. But few doctors know how to draw such thoughts and feelings from patients, and fewer still have an interest in doing so. It would have been such a relief to talk to someone about it for both of us” Dr. Steven Hsi

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