Preparation for the PA Profession


If you are someone who has decided to become a Physician Assistant what can you do to enhance your path into PA School and make you a better student?


First, make sure you have completed all the necessary prerequisites.  I have seen some careers delayed a year while the student finished up some courses they did not realize they needed.  Check the syllabus of your preferred schools carefully and regularly.  Entrance requirements change and you want to know it when they do.

Second, get some top quality experience.  This can be a challenge.  Once you have secured the opportunity, learn and remember.  Don’t depend on just your memory.  Buy yourself a sturdy notebook and write down new words, clinical pearls and references to be remembered later.

Want more information about preparation, decision making, interview skills and general information that will make your Path to the PA profession easier and smoother?

Purchase a copy of Elizabeth Murray’s booklet 60 Tips for the PA Path and a copy of Laura Phelan’s Interview Tips for the PA Path.  The link to buy it is in the far upper right corner.  You can not go wrong for $11.95.  Get your copy now.

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  1. Ella says:

    I came across a good website that has some good insight to what it takes to survive PA School. It’s just a blog, but has some really good information:

  2. Dave says:

    This is an awesome blog! Thanks for helping aspiring PA applicants.

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