6 Options for Employment as a Physician Assistant


Clinical medicine is always going to be the number one place PAs work. No matter what organization we work for, opportunities to care for patients are going to be most prevalent. Here is a partial list of places to consider for employment:

1. Public organizations like the Veterans Administration, Federal and State Prisons and large city jails, Military PAs (the Army has a PhD level residency in Emergency Medicine), Nation Health Service Corps, Inner City Clinics run by non-profit groups and government agencies, Rural Health Clinics

2. Private – 25% of all PAs work in private surgical settings, with Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, Urgent Care, Various Internal Medicine Specialties and Surgical Dermatology as a few of these

3. Administrative – Doing case review for insurance companies, getting a law degree, becoming a consultant or a medical entrepreneur

4. Independent Contractor – I did this working for 3 or 4 staffing companies in military or small hospital ERs and Fast Track/Urgent Care settings

5. Owner of a medical practice. When I became a PA it was illegal for a PA to do this in my state. Now, PAs own the practice and employ MDs and PAs as the clinicians. If the owner is also a clinician, then an MD must assume responsibility for their medical actions.

6. PAs are now recruited by the NHS of the UK. PAs are being trained there, but Scotland actively recruits American PAs to work in that country and PAs are recruited as role models and instructors in UK PA programs.

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