Physician Assistant Income Potential


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Physician Assistants in 2005 ( the most recent stats year) graduated from 135 programs (now 136). After passing the national certifying exam (NCCPA) they were able to practice. Ninety programs give masters degrees on graduation and the others give either a bachelors or associates degree.
In 2004 the median annual income was $69,410. For new graduates it was $64,536. The lowest 10% earned <$37,320 and the highest >$94,880. The middle 50% were between $57,000-$83,500.
Those working in hospitals had a median income in 2004 of $70,310. Those in physician offices and outpatient clinics had a median income of $69,210.
In 2004 there were 62,000 PA jobs. There were more jobs than PAs to fill them as many PAs held more than one job. Employment in physician offices accounted for 50% of all PA employment. Hospitals accounted for another 25% and outpatient care centers in HMOs, colleges and universities, prisons, professional schools and self-employment accounting for the remaining 25%.

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