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There are three ways you can read the content of this blog. You can come here and do it. That is required for everything written more that 10 articles ago. For the last 10 article and every new one, you can subscribe via real simple syndication (rss). You must have a place to receive it on your computer or as I prefer on the web. Two of the best web-based feed readers are Bloglines and Google Reader. If you have Gmail it is quite simple to have a GReader also. It is part of the account, just set it up. You have to go to the Bloglines site to subscribe there.

Once you have a reader, anything you subscribe to will be forwarded to to the reader when it appears on the site. You can divide the reader into folders like email and direct a feed to an individual folder. When you want to read what was posted just go to your reader, click on the folder and then the link to the feed and it will open in the reader for you to consume.

Don’t want that much “high tech” stuff. Then subscribe via email. There is a box to enter you address. Don’t worry, no spam from us. If you subscribe via email, you will only get the most recent posting, which will be 1-3 times a week. You can read it, delete it or unsubscribe from it anytime you want.

The Feedblitz service delivers postings to our email subscribers. Feedburner (owned by Google) delivers our rss feeds to the readers.

If you have questions about this please email us at thepapath@gmail.com.

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