Hire a Coach Program

Dear Future PA,

Did You Know….

1 out of 10 PA Program Applicants are accepted into a program each year.

Discover how You can be one of those interviewed and accepted.

You need to stand out from the crowd!

Out of 800 plus applications to a top 25 PA school, how do you stand out?

Grades?  Everyone will have a 3.0!

References?  If you don’t have a program Graduate reference, No!

Experience? Maybe, but it better be excellent and lots of it.

How do you get noticed?  What do you do?

There is relative parity in all but 3 areas.

The first thing that makes you stand out is your ESSAY!

You have to write something better than a list of reasons why you would make a good PA.

Once you are noticed there is only one thing that gets you accepted, the Interview!

Now for reason #3 to get you noticed – Get your application in early!  The admissions process in most schools is rolling. Laura Phelan talks about this in the material we sell called “Everything You need to Know to get Accepted”. Rolling admission means they fill the seats as they interview. Better to get interviewed early and get offered a seat asap. What can I do for you? 

Here is what I will do.

  1. Coach you on your essay. We will create a hook that will lead the reader line by line to want to talk to you more and more.
  2. Coach you on your interview. Did you know no question is unimportant. How you dress is critical. What you have prepared to say as opportunity presents itself is very important. Remembering who you talk with is critical also.
  3. Help you develop a strategy about the right PA programs for you. This is a critical factor in getting the PAC initials after your name.

You only have to buy 30 minutes at a time but a package is less costly. You decide, buy your first 30 minutes now or a package when it is offered.